Managing Your Property’s Facilities and Building Operations

At BCI Services LLC, we have a team of engineers, contractors, and technicians ready to provide comprehensive facilities maintenance services. We are your single contact for projects like installations, repairs, or management, and we handle every aspect of the job efficiently and within budget. Along the way, we will build relationships with you, establishing ourselves as your trusted contractor for many years to come.


Our Comprehensive Services

Building Operations

We specialize in managing the operations of buildings, no matter how complex the process may be. With the help of our engineers and contractors, we keep your establishment running smoothly, allowing you to focus on the productive aspects of your business.


From installations to maintenance, we partner with you to handle your various HVAC needs. Our team can develop a maintenance plan, ensure that the systems meet the demands of tenants, and provide energy-efficient solutions.


Since your electrical system is used 24/7, it’s susceptible to many problems. These can be avoided with proper maintenance and repairs by professionals. Our team has the expertise to assess your building’s electrical system and ensure that it’s in good condition. In addition, we offer tips that can help you reduce your power consumption.

General Contracting

Whether it’s for a bathroom remodel or an emergency repair, we can provide complete general contracting services. Our qualified staff will come over to your establishment and handle everything that needs fixing or modifications.

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Take the first step toward better building operations with our help. As Phoenix’s premier building operations management specialists, we’ll guide you on the path to new heights of excellence. Contact us today!